Las Vegas Streetwear Round Up Part One

With Burning Valley in it's infancy I feel it's only right to give deference & respect to the other clothing brands & shops here in Las Vegas that are currently running things. We've got a thriving streetwear & fashion community in the city and it makes me proud that I've been able to wear local brands for the last few years. I'm also excited to add my voice to the conversation of style and fashion in my city.

My ultimate goal with this multipart series is to eventually cover EVERY brand & store including consignment shops & resellers. After making a few social media posts asking for names for this blog post, i was inundated and what i thought would be a list of maybe a dozen brands & stores ballooned to close to 50 at last count. 

I'll save the history of Las Vegas streetwear brands & shops for another time. The brands and stores below are all active and selling presently and deserve your support.

Started in 2018 by Vegas style aficionado Angel Rodriguez & Hiphop mainstay Dizzy Wright, Still Movin' is Las Vegas' premier urban fashion boutique. Look out for hot collabs with brands like Mitch & Ace, Skim Milk and Learn To Forget, and the forthcoming partnership with Generation Cool (of Netflix Fame - Slobby's World). Still Movin' is set to be one of Las Vegas' most important hubs of street style.

One of the OGs and most respected streetwear brands in Vegas and beyond. Founded by DJs Crooked & Neva, KNYEW recently closed their legendary brick and mortar store to focus on the brand. From their basics bar to their Faded Youth line and everything in between, they've been a staple of my own wardrobe for years.

Learned Vices is a classic Vegas clothing brand deeply rooted in the culture of the city. Designs on shirts, dad hats and snapbacks are heavily inspired by Las Vegas' history, sports & culture. Founder Teddy Learned loves the city so much that via his Blackjack Program, 21% of the brands proceeds are donated directly to charities & youth programs in Las Vegas.

Official Genius' Dustin Amato is deeply entrenched in skate, snow and cannabis culture. From Official Genius rolling papers to various snow & skate events, to off shoot businesses like hat pin manufacturing & vinyl signs, the sheer number of entrepreneurial ventures the OG gang is involved in is mind blowing. Look out for their notorious Official Genius snapbacks along with the usual array of tee shirts, sweats, cannabis related products and even baby bibs! Having recently lost their team rider George Campoverde, also be sure to check out their Make George Famous memorial pieces.

Feature opened its doors in late 2010 and has grown into one of the key footwear and clothing stores in the city. Their upstairs loft has an array of higher end sneaker and fashion brands like Y-3 & Comme Des Garcons Play. Downstairs you'll find a curated selection of shoes, watches, sunglasses, apparel and accessories. Look out for collabs with Billionaire Boys Club & various shoe brands.


While not a streetwear store, Cash 4 Chaos has been a foundational lifestyle store for Las Vegas' punk, rockabilly, goth, metal & ska culture. I shop here often & the friendly staff are easy to talk to and free of judgement. Band and horror related products are obviously to be expected and you can stock the fuck up on black t-shirts and hoodies at great prices. Ladies, you'll also find tons of women's stuff from retro pinup style dresses to cool shoes. There's also records, spiked jewelery, patches for your battle jacket, vintage stuff, toys, etc. They really do just stock a ton of cool shit.

The UN is Las Vegas' most well known resale & consignment shop owned by Jaysse Lopez aka Two Js Kicks. Famed for their bank of keymaster game machines where you can win coveted pairs of hyped sneakers for only $5 a try. If you're looking to buy or sell Supreme, Bape, Yeezy, Off White and the like, Urban Necessities is the home for your inner hypebeast. 



Civilian punk rock hiphop streetwear clothing

Many of us remember Civilian's early wheatpaste days. Those posters bombed around Las Vegas set the tone for the brand which has never let up on it's anarchist undertones & street art influence. Look for ballcaps, shirts & pins bearing their signature riot & molotov themes. In true DIY spirit, David and crew also run their own print shop called Kids In The Attic offering commercial screen printing services.


Well I feel like that's a solid first round. Don't forget to sign up for email updates to know when part 2 drops in about a week with more great Las Vegas streetwear brands & stores. Let me know in the comments below what your favorite local brands and shops are. Also check out the Founders Pack link at the top of the page to shop Burning Valley.

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